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Flight Delay Compensation

No win, No fee Flight Delay Compensation

At DelayComp we help you to manage your claim and get your compensation back from the Airline. If your flight has been delayed, cancelled or you have been denied boarding, you could be eligible from €250 to €600 compensation. We work on no win no fee basis meaning that you don't need to pay anything until your claim is won. We work with highly experienced people who will help you make a flawless application for compensation.

What About Brexit?

Currently it seems the EU regulations going to be adapted after Brexit which mean nothing will change regarding flight delay rules. However in case of a Hard Brexit still flight to or from EU with European carries will remain eligible for British applicants.

Flight Delay Compensation

You could submit your application as an individual or jointly with your family and friends. In the latter, only the lead passenger need apply and we will do the rest for you.

We are constantly improving

Together with our partners we are always looking for ways to improve our services. Unlike our competitors, we are new to Flight Delay Compensation and that’s a positive because it makes us even more eager to deliver the best service in order to make a name for ourselves.

No Fee Means No Fee

Our service is based on the fact that you don't need to make any payment until your flight delay compensation is successful. Most of the times you will receive your compensation after everything has gone through, so relax.

The Story of DelayComp is about making everybody happy :)

One day our founder and director, who travels a lot, experienced a flight delay on one of his journeys. So like everybody else he thought why not file a claim for compensation. He went to one of the best-known sites and submitted his claim. But the service he received was nowhere near satisfactory, because the case worker charged him twice and he had to try really hard to get his money back. However, this didn't happen for a week or two. He was so disappointed with the quality of the service he received that he decided to start DelayComp. At DelayComp we are proud not because we've been interviewed by the BBC or CNN or the Guardian but because of our quality of service. This is why people should trust us. We provide the best that we can in order to earn a good reputation.

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DelayComp is a subsidiary of Hamic Smart Software Solutions Ltd launched in 2019 in the great city of London. Hamic Smart Software Solutions Ltd is registered at Companies House with registration number 11316185 and VAT number 306424921.

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Hamic Smart Software Solutions Ltd is registered with Information Commissioner's Office. Being regulated by ICO means: protecting your data is our core mission.